It wouldn’t be an EdCamp without swag. Because the event is free, we depend on sponsors–and boy do they come through! Be sure to enter the raffle and win some cool stuff.


Don’t dig the talk? Walk. This time is for you–so make the most of it (our feelings won’t be hurt). Use social media to find the spots that best fits you. Share. Don’t present. Being prepared is for Boy Scouts. Just bring your awesome self and make some friends.  

Smack Down

We all know teachers love to talk, but this is where we practice brevity and share the best of the best moment of the day. It might be an app, project idea, or even just a new way of looking at things. If this is your first EdCamp, you have to share.

Things That Suck

No, this is not a venting session–the name is misleading. It is a constructive place to hear and understand multiple perspective on controversial topics. (Did someone say standardized testing?).

Social Media

If you’ve got it, #ShareIt. Twitter is a great way to stay connected and swap beautiful ideas with your fellow #edcampNoVA. Anyone can use that hashtag to share what you learn.

The Board

This part can be intimidating for newbies, but it shouldn’t be. It is just a space for you to post topics that you’d be willing to facilitate. You just need to be able to ask questions that keep the conversation going.