Photos from the fall EdCamp Nova, November 12, 2016 at Chantilly HS, will be coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy this 360° image from the Demo Slam. Click and drag anywhere in the image (or swipe on your mobile device) to move your field of vision. Don’t forget to look up.

A few photos from EdCamp Nova, November 21, 2015 at Eagle Ridge Middle School.

 _MG_7144  _MG_7152  _MG_7154
 _MG_7155 _MG_7156 _MG_7160
 _MG_7161 _MG_7163 _MG_7164
 _MG_7177 _MG_7179  _MG_7184
 _MG_7196 _MG_7199 _MG_7201
 _MG_7203 _MG_7233  _MG_7227
_MG_7242 _MG_7245 _MG_7253
2015-11-21 08.04.50 2015-11-21 08.34.18 2015-11-21 08.40.41
2015-11-21 08.51.59 2015-11-21 08.55.20 2015-11-21 12.27.48
2015-11-21 13.34.41 CUcjpCWUwAEBHKN 2015-11-21 19.14.57
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